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Y8 Friv Games

October 7, 2011

A lot of ideas come to people’s mind when they heard of the dressing games. For a lot of people, dressing games became a part of their childhood. People will think about the traditional way of playing the game. Children tend to play this game by using the clothes of their parents or by buying paper dolls. Paper dolls are the most popular type of dressing game before but after the introduction of Internet, the game transformed into a higher level. The game became a popular game on the Internet.
Many years ago, children only play dressing games with the use of their paper doll and Barbie dolls. They make use of papers and cartons to make dresses for their dolls. With the technology today, almost everything is possible on the Internet. The traditional games can now be played on the web.
Y8 Games is one of the many traditional games that are placed on the internet. The traditional way of ressing games are now transformed into an online dressing game.
These plastic and paper dolls can now be seen on the Internet today. People can search for a lot websites on the web that contains different kinds of dressing games. A lot of this websites contain almost hundreds of dressing games. The websites that are offering this games have different collections of dressing games like Barbie doll games , y3 , Y8, Friv 250, coloring games, traditional dressing games for girls and celebrity dressing games.
Y8 Shooting Games is especially made for the people who want to dress up their favorite celebrities online. The dolls can be dressed with various outfits that are used by celebrities. Children will really be fascinated about this game because they can dress out their favorite celebrities depending on their own fashion. Another type of game is the Barbie doll game. The rules are very simple: they only need to dress the doll in their own way. Games under this kind are Barbie summer dressing game and Barbie daily dress up.
Traditional dressing game is also a kind of online dressing game. This game allows the players to dress up their Barbie dolls with outfits coming from different regions. VietNamese girl dressing game and African Safari dressing game are one of the games under this category. There are a wide variety of traditional outfits that the player can choose from.

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